8 Practical Methods To Use Blood Orange Essential Oil

Wade Alexander By Wade Alexander | Editor

Pleasant To The Mind And Body

The blood orange is an intriguing variety of the orange fruit. Citrus Sinesis, the botanical name is shared across all the fruit varieties of orange. The name blood range comes from the fact fruit segments are actually red.

Essential oil created from the blood orange fruit is renowned for being pleasant to the mind and body. It has a very sweet aroma that conjures images of succulent fresh orange juice, a favorite to many people. Here are some of the uses of the blood orange essential oils.


The essential oils stimulate the bladder, kidneys and lymphatic system. It stimulates frequent urination thus eliminating any toxins present in the body such as uric acid and excessive salt as well as eliminating fluid retention.

Removing excess toxins in the body is one of the ways to promote proper health. When these toxins are present in your body, every organ will be working extra hard to fulfill their responsibilities. Therefore, if you want to detoxify your body, you should consider using blood orange essential oils.

2Relaxation And Mood Uplifting

These essential oils have an uplifting aroma. A simple sniff can elevate the mood, especially if you're experiencing a downer. It is used in aromatherapy sessions, just like other essentials oils from citrus fruits to treat any feelings of grief and depression.

If you diffuse it around your house, you can always ease any feelings of stress. Some studies have revealed that blood orange essential oils have a positive impact against anxiety. A study published in 2013 revealed the essential oil from blood oranges helped reduce anxiety in children, especially during dental surgery through preventing excess production of cortisol and decreasing the heart rate.

3Relaxing The Stomach

If you're always experiencing constipation or gas, you should consider using blood orange essential oils for your home remedies against these conditions. The product has carminative properties. That means it can be used to reduce the painful and embarrassing symptoms of constipation or gas.

Of course, you're bound to suffer from gas at one point of your life and it's going to be very uncomfortable. When you're experiencing this condition, it rises inside the body, pushing against your insides, causing indigestion, pain and discomfort in your chest and sides. The essential oil works by relaxing the stomach allowing the excess gas to escape naturally before any discomfort commences.

4Prevents Formation Of Cancerous Cells

Currently, cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Since it was first diagnosed, there has been no cure and scientists are working round the clock to discover one. Meanwhile, people are looking for natural remedies that can prevent the formation of cancerous cells in the body.

Blood orange essential oils contain D-limonene, a very beneficial nutrient in the body. Several studies have identified that the nutrient works tirelessly to prevent any cellular mutation in the body, including the formation of cancerous cells. Therefore, you can always use blood orange essential oils to prevent the formation of cancerous cells.

5Inhibits Microbial Growth

Whenever you have a cut or abrasion on your body, there's a huge chance of the wound becoming sepsis because of a bacterial infection. It is a more likely situation if the wound is caused by an iron object. That's because tetanus is bound to set in causing unnecessary infection.

Blood orange essential oils can prevent the wound from becoming septic, prevent fungal infection as well as tetanus because it prevents the growth of microbes and disinfects the wound accordingly. Therefore, next time you have a cut, you should consider using this essential oil. It's one of the natural ways of preventing a wound from being infected.

6Relieving Migraines And Headaches

People who are often suffering from migraines and headaches are in search of medication for the best relief. You can always purchase over the counter pills but if taken frequently, they might cause organ failure. Additionally, visiting the doctor every time you have an episode might be too costly.

That's why you should consider aromatherapy using blood orange essential oils because it can work wonderfully for headaches and migraines. You should massage the oil around the forehead to relax the mind and body accordingly. It's one of the natural and inexpensive ways of getting relief from migraines.

7Boosting Overall Health

The blood orange essential oils will remove any excess toxins and gas from your body. Through frequent urination, you can remove toxins such as pollutants, uric acid, excess water and bile. Urination will also increase your appetite and boost digestion, allowing your body to lose excess fats thus keeping your heart healthy.

As a natural diuretic, blood orange essential oil promotes the quantity of urine and increases the frequency of urination to guarantee removal of excess toxins. Therefore, the essential oil will also work against build-up of harmful substances in the body such as salt and uric acid. It also improves the digestive process thus removing unwanted fats boosting your overall health.

8Removing Tension

If you are looking for a way to cool down after a long day in the office or if there's an inflammation in your body, you should always rely on a natural sedative to relax. Most of the artificial sedatives in the market are narcotic tranquilizers and other synthetic substances. After prolonged intake, they are bound to cause damage to your heart and other organs.

By using natural blood orange essential oils, you have a much added benefit. You can use it to alleviate anger, anxiety, depression and inflammation. Therefore, it is a natural method that works perfectly like the artificial ones but without any side effects. It will boost your mood and spirits accordingly. You can change your mood immediately by using this natural element. Additionally, it works perfectly for your skin boosting elasticity and firmness.

There are many benefits to using blood orange essential oils. It is used to treat many health conditions without any side effects. Thanks to these and many more benefits of blood orange, it has been incorporated into many skincare regiments for the best results.