Top 8 Uses Of Blood Orange Essential Oil

Joni Ison By Joni Ison | Author

An Oil For Many Occasions

Blood orange essential oil, like other essential oils, has many uses and benefits. It is used for treating numerous health conditions very successfully and without having any side effects. Blood orange essential oil, with its numerous health benefits, is a critical aspect of natural treatments.

Orange essential oil has many different medicinal, industrial and domestic uses. It is used domestically to add orange flavor into sweetmeats, desserts and beverages. It is used industrially in bakery and confectionery items, chocolates, biscuits, deodorants, sprays, room fresheners, concentrate for beverages, wrinkle-lifting and anti-aging applications, creams, body lotions and soaps. The essential oil is derived by cold compression from orange peels.

1Inflammation Relief

Orange essential oil offers effective and quick relief from both external or internal inflammation. No matter what the reason is, whether it is narcotics, indigestion of toxic substances, gas, side effect from antibiotics, infections, fever or excessive consumption of spices, blood orange essential oil may reduce knee pain and irritation. Try to use blood orange essential oil for relieving many inflammation issues.

Individuals who suffer from joint and knee trouble can use the oil for relief. A majority of joint pain in cause by inflammation of the joints. This inflammation can be effectively stopped by orange essential oil.

2Natural Mood Booster

The way orange essential oil smells reminds you of enjoyable times. Pleasant thoughts are brought to mind. This why the oil is used so often in aromatherapy.

It creates a very relaxed and happy feeling. It lifts your mood, which is ideal for individuals who suffer from chronic anxiety or depression. Research suggests that blood orange natural essential oil helps to reduce salivary cortisol and pulse rate caused by child anxiety.

3Effective Sleep Aid

One thing that human beings all have in common is we all need to sleep. Some individuals might be morning people while others are night owls, however every human body needs to have rest in the from of sleeping. It can unfortunately be difficult to get the proper amount of rest in this stress-filled, technology-driven, fast-paced life that we all tend to lead these days.

Studies show that a majority of adults need to have seven to nine hours of sleep to function properly; it can be achieved through one sleep period or with a shorter sleep pattern that is supplemented with naps. Getting sleep can be tricky and everyone is affected differently by it. The basis of your sleeping is formed by your natural habits and Circadian rhythms. Blood orange oil contains relaxing properties that work as a natural sleeping aid.

4Flatulence and Bloating Remedy

Gas can be quite a painful experience. Many different things can cause it. Gas can be caused by some foods. The bodies of some individuals produce more gas compared to others.

The carminative property in blood orange essential oil helps to remove excess gas that forms inside the intestine and has a tendency to push upwards which causes problems and discomfort. Gas is light and rises up. The pushes on your organs, and then causes indigestion, chest pain and discomfort.

5All-Natural Disinfectant

Another thing that blood orange essential is oil is used for is an effective disinfectant for wounds. It is also an all-natural germ killers. Usually essential oils, and in particular citrus-based oils, are very powerful antimicrobials.

Applying it around wounds can help to avoid bacterial and other types of infections. The oil is great with deal with sore throats and mouth ulcers. Blood orange essential oil can be used to kill bacteria as well.

6Anti-Anxiety Treatment

Due its uplifting qualities it is highly regarded, and using this oil helps to calm the nervous system which helps to reduce stress. The oil's aroma calms the mind, enhances your mood, placing happy thought literally into your mind. These properties allow the oil to be used for treating anxiety.

It is recommended that you smell a couple of drops of essential oil in order to feel relief from your stress-related symptoms. One safe and popular alternative therapy for dealing with stress is aromatherapy. Inhalation these vibrant, gentle scents provides the required responses without the side effects that pharmaceutical medications are often associated with.

7Great Air Freshener

Oranges have a very refreshing smell. Many odors are eliminated by it. Blood orange essential oil may be used for getting rid of odors in your house. They include smelly shoes, pet odors and carpet odors.

Add a couple of blood orange essential oil drops into your vacuum's bag so that the air is refreshed as you are vacuuming. Or you can soak a cotton ball into the oil and leave it inside your bathroom to provide a refreshing smell. Several drops of the oil can be mixed with water in a spray bottle for an excellent air freshener.

8Stimulates Discharge Of Bile

Blood orange is essential oil is a kind of cholagogue; secretion of all of the appropriate glands are promoted by boil, including endocrine and exocrine. That is why it is frequently used for promoting enzymes, hormones, bile, digestive juices, lactation and menstruation. The property is great for women who are having problems producing breast milk.

Discharge of bile into your stomach is promoted by blood orange essential oil, which helps to maintain the base and acid balance in your stomach. The bile is used for breaking the complex food molecules down and for neutralizing the excess acids that are discharged into your stomach, which is critical, since the excess acid may wear the inner lining down in your stomach, which causes ulcers. Blood orange essential oil can be very beneficial to individuals who suffer from digestive problems.

Unlike what a lot of people might expect, you need to use the peels to make orange essential oil, and not the actual fruit. Peel your oranges and let them dry, and then grind them, and warm up grain alcohol on top of the stove. Never pour the warm gain alcohol over your ground-up orange peels. Take the mixture and shake it well and then let it sit for 2 or 3 days, and finally strain your mixture. The orange essential is now ready to use.

You can purchase orange essential oil from most whole food and natural health stores along with other essential oils. However, most major chain stores do not carry blood orange essential oil. Blood orange oil is used quite often in aromatherapy applications, so aromatherapists and herbalists are great places to buy blood orange essential oil from as well. Fortunately it isn't too expensive and is highly effective.